Apollo Consulting Group

Apollo Consulting Group is committed to delivering knowledgeable, direct marketing services based on superior industry knowledge, an accurate understanding of the topics and subjects that affect our clients and their buyers, and a genuine zeal for what we do. We aim to act as trusted partners of our clients’ marketing teams, delivering results directly and positively impacting our clients’ business objectives.

At Apollo Consulting Group, we believe a fantastic product story is what captures consumer attention. To ensure it’s unique and meaningful, we perform extensive background research to understand our clients’ customer base. We transform this understanding into engaging promotions that create connections that last. Our marketing strategies are known for their rapid customer conversion rates.

What makes us different is our team and their dedication. Our branding professionals are experts at turning futuristic ideas into active promotions that build brands’ legacies. We hold their collective genius by delivering an ideal atmosphere and ample resources. At the heart of our approach is a healthy learning environment. We provide an informal yet professional working environment that fosters and rewards creativity, insight, teamwork and enthusiasm.